Athlete Photography


I’ve always been inspired by images of athletes doing these amazing things. So when I have the opportunity to photograph an athlete, regardless the age, I try to mimic that awesomeness as best I can.

Athlete PortraitsSports CompositesTeam Photos and Banners

Athlete Portraits

An athlete portrait is meant to capture the athlete in movement and at rest. Your portraits are¬†photographed¬†either indoors, outdoors or both – it all depends on what you want to accomplish. –> Click here for more

Sports Composites

A composite merges digital elements together to create an image that is as unique as the athlete. Photographs are taken in studio on a background screen capturing the athletes portrait, poses and best moves and placed on a background creating a work of art. –> Click here for more

Team Photos and Banners

Team photos commemorate the camaraderie created by teammates as well as acts as a recruiting tool for the following season. Banners are huge printouts of individual or a finite set of players. Both are created by photographing each athlete individually and then merging them into a composite. –> Click here for mere