Chicago Engagement Photography with Tayler

Chicago couple engagement mini photo shoot

I had the opportunity to meet with Tayler and his beautiful bride-to-be for an engagement photo shoot. We met at the Chicago Theater in downtown Chicago and we decided to move down to the Chicago River to catch some photos celebrating their engagement.

Chicago River Walk Romantic Couple Photo Shoot

It was still dusk and with the light changing with the sunset, we decided to first photograph on the lit walkway where I could best control the light. As with all my shoots, I setup the frame with help from my client, then setup my lights and take a few test shots until my settings are locked in. This is when we talk and I get to know my clients. So even though I am concentrating on taking these photos, I am also thinking ahead of where we are going and what will be needed to get what the client is looking for out of our shoot.

chicago engagement mini photo shoot

The River Walk is a popular destination, the tourists were more than amenable to wait a minute while we took photos. Even the police on bike patrol were awesome about giving us the time we needed.

All in all, we had a great shoot and am happy for this couple and their engagement.

Chicago River Mini Photo Shoot - Ramantic Couple Walk and Photography