Professional Headshots

Headshots are a necessity for not only office professionals, but also for most anyone with a social media presence. Whether you are self employed, an artist or writer, a headshot is a necessity for your profile.

What Headshot Type Do I Need?

Studio headshots are traditional images taken in a studio setting. Whether standing or sitting, you are placed in front of a backdrop with several lights positioned around you. Taken properly, these headshots come out crisp, clean and lit properly to best flatter your visage.

The trend of late is to take a cinematic headshot. Cinematic headshots are taken outside with the camera’s aperture set so that your face is in focus, but the outdoor background is blurred. Done properly, these headshots separate you from the traditional yet stoic headshot.

I need a headshot

I have my headshot photo kit packed and ready to go. I travel to corporate offices, meet at an outdoor location, or setup my own headshot studio. I photograph at your convenience, not mine.

Headshot Samples

Professional Headshots Professional headshotProfessional Headshots

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