Sports Portraits

football team sports composite

Athletes put a lot of time and effort into preparation and training in order to put their practice on the field or in the court. So why not take the extra step to celebrate success and accomplishments by capturing that hard work through professional photography.

Here at Little Monsters Photography, I take pride in having the ability to capture athletes in their element for a sports portrait or creating life like sport composites that can be hung on the wall like a piece of art. Chicago sports portraits are a hot commodity. Let us capture the essence of your athletic warrior. In studio or on location, we use high key lighting to capture your athlete in full action capturing an image worthy of a poster.

Sports Composites

A sports composite is where I merge digital elements together to create an image that is unique. I take your ideas, photograph you for a few minutes at the studio on a background screen doing what you loveā€¦ then we sit and work hours on the computer to create a unique-never seen before-amazing final creation for you.

Sports Portraits

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